2023 Auction Stock Dogs

Thanks to the Consignors, they have some GREAT Dogs in this year’s sale.

Please reach out to the consignors for more information on the Stock Dog's Available.

The websites and emails are embedded within the catalog
, feel free to click on any link for more info.

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Stock Dog Pattern/Diagram

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Tina is a 5-year-old ABCA papered Border Collie female that is intacted. I have owned Tina since she was 8 weeks old. This has been one of my number one go to dogs. I have raised one litter of pups out of her, and those pups made great working dogs....More


Dot is a two year old female grade border collie. She comes from a long line of working dogs that have worked for a living. She is absolutely no exception to her past ancestors. She has huge shoes to fill and she is growing into them everyday. Dot is a...More
Riggs is a 3 year old male, 7/8ths border collie 1/16 kelpie and 1/16 catahoula. I have used Riggs extensively outside gathering, trailing, penning, and just riding health on cattle. As well as some inside corral work. He is rough enough to be handy on pairs and bulls, but has...More
Chuck is a 2-year-old tri colored intact male. Chuck is registered through the ABCA. He is a super friendly dog with people and other dogs. Chuck is very loyal, so you don’t have to worry about him not being around. Chuck has lots of style and stock sense. He will...More
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