Quincys Jr Frosty- "Junior"

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Tyrel Tucker

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Sex: Gelding
Color: Red Roan
Height: 15.1
Weight: 1225
Registration Status: AQHA
Registration Number: 5341603
Date of Birth: April 6, 2010
Age in Years (Grade): 13
VIDEO | Quincys Jr Frosty- "Junior"

DESCRIPTION | Quincys Jr Frosty- "Junior"
“Junior” is a 13 year old registered Red Roan gelding. He is a gentle, kind, go-to horse. This horse will make any type of rider a good mount. You can use him on trails, in town, in the mountains or just around the ranch.

Additionally, he is easy to shoe. He can have long periods of time off and is still the gentle horse he was before. We have had various ages of people riding him, from young kids to older women. Junior stays calm and will go anywhere you ask him to go. You can wave flags, fling jackets, bounce balls around him and he will not goose. He will cross water, go through down timber, climb rocky mountains, load in a trailer good or just lope through the fields.

Right now Junior is used as a ranch horse in Clark, Wyoming. You can catch him and go doctor calves by yourself. He does not tire easily and will keep up even when used regularly. He has sorted in alley ways, worked the lead-up and tub, and seen many wrecks with cows while remaining completely calm. Junior has been used in a lot of head and heel brandings.

If ranch work isn't what Junior will be used for he will make a great trail horse or pack horse. Packing a flag in a parade would suit him as well. Anyone is welcome to come ride him and try him out. Call Tyrel Tucker 307-254-5343 for more videos, pictures or information. We will have more videos to come as well. So keep an eye out to watch Junior in action.
BLEMISHES | Quincys Jr Frosty- "Junior"
Junior has one small scar above his left eye.
PEDIGREE | Quincys Jr Frosty- "Junior"
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