HIP #51

Justin Morgan

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On Scale of 1-10 = 4
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Sex: Gelding
Color: Blue Roan
Height: 14.1
Weight: 1000
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered
Registration Number:
Date of Birth: 06-23-2018
Age in Years (Grade): 5
VIDEO | Maverick

Maverick is a 5 year old gypsy X quarter horse gelding. He is 15 hands and 1100 lbs. He will cover the country and he is eager to go. Maverick neck reins and will come to a grain bucket. See more coming soon at the Pitchfork Ranch Horse Sale in Meeteetse, WY in June 2023

Maverick was bred by the Triple F Ranch in Medina, ND. He is out of the gypsy stud, Wildfire's Whole Lotta Chrome, and an AQHA mare, Ropers Roan Peach. Since being started at 2, Maverick has spent his days under saddle punching cows, sorting pairs in the pasture, sorting cows at the feedlot, roping, roping and more roping. He has been used in the branding pen to head, heel, or to tie one down and hold it for doctoring, alone or with another cowboy, he doesn’t mind. He has gathered cattle on the desert, the mountain, and pastures all over Wyoming.

Maverick has been used in hunting camp 3 years in a row. He has been ridden by novices or skilled riders and is a tough mountain horse that is hard to beat. He will go where you point him without hesitation. He is sure footed in tough terrain. He will go down the trail, cross the bridge, or make his own way if you ask him. He has seen the East Fork and the Wiggins Fork of the Winds and hunted the Greybull River drainage.

Maverick has been to brandings all over Wyoming including at the Pitchfork, the Philp Sheep Company, the Flitner Ranch, and so many more. He is the perfect horse to take to a branding. He is flashy, strong, and willing to get you where you need to be for the perfect shot and then he will drag or hold one all day.

There has never been a day of work at which Maverick didn’t pull his weight. He has done it over and over and looked good while doing it. He is easy to shoe, loads and will give you everything he’s got every time you saddle him up.
BLEMISHES | Maverick
PEDIGREE | Maverick
Wildfire's Whole Lotta Chrome (Gypsy Vanner)
Ropers Roan Peach (AQHA)
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