Holy Smoken Hollywood- "Hollywood"

HIP #60

Kaylynn Sheldon

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On Scale of 1-10 = 2
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Sex: Gelding
Color: Dun Tobiano
Height: 15
Weight: 1100
Registration Status: APHA
Registration Number: 1093413
Date of Birth: June 5th 2019
Age in Years (Grade):
VIDEO | Holy Smoken Hollywood- "Hollywood"

DESCRIPTION | Holy Smoken Hollywood- "Hollywood"
Hollywood is a flashy 4 year old APHA gelding. He is a single owner horse, Born and raised in my families breeding program. When Hollywood strides into any arena, all eyes turn to him. Hollywood has been used as a pack horse, is hobble broke, been roped off of, spent lots of time on the trail in the mountains, as well as high level arena training in reining and reined cowhorse maneuvers such as working a flag, spins, sliding stops, flying lead changes, working gates, leg yielding, and much more. He tracks cattle well when he is roping and holds true when he’s dallied off to one. He stands 15 hands tall, and is built on a solid, sound foundation. His bone structure is thick and sturdy allowing him to be durable when pulling cows or navigating the rugged terrain of the mountains. He is sure footed and trustworthy in tough situations in the mountains or riding cattle on the range. I’ve had beginners ride him and he didn’t bat an eye. He is truly an incredible horse that has a very kind soul. He is reliable and remarkably smart. His ability to be taught new things is endless, along with his curiosity and desire to befriend people. His favorite spot to be scratched is right at the base of his forelock on his forehead. I can’t say enough good things about this sweet boy. He is incredibly talented. With his solid foundation and already pleasing resume, his young age makes him a great investment for many many years to come. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or want more information about this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime horse. 720-467-8409
BLEMISHES | Holy Smoken Hollywood- "Hollywood"
No blemishes
PEDIGREE | Holy Smoken Hollywood- "Hollywood"
Hollywood Handsome Hollywood Dunit Good Hollywood Dunit
Miss Michelob Dry
Spook Super Skip Spook Skippa Ghost
Streaking Super
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Pauls Dandy Doll
Cimmaron Sunday Cimmaron Saint
Bar Black Sabbath
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