HIP #21

Delon parker
406 698 3246

Consignor Bio

On Scale of 1-10 = 1=Bombproof
horse disposition scale
Sex: Gelding
Color: Red roan
Height: 15
Weight: 1150
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered
Registration Number:
Date of Birth:
Age in Years (Grade): 8

Let me introduce you to one cool guy. His name is "HANK". I've owned Hank for the past 2 years and I couldn't be more proud of the horse he has become. He's truly an all around kind of gelding. He's very smart, gentle, and willing to do anything I ask of him. I live on a large ranch that doesn't own a 4 wheeler. We ride a horse everyday no matter what aspect of ranching we are doing. Hank has been thousands of miles gathering/moving pairs and yearlings as well as dragging his share of 5 thousand calves to the brand each spring. He will run in the middle of a yearling and let you rope him and handle him however you desire. Also, he tracks them very well on the heel side and works the rope when you need to tie off and get down to doctor one. Hank has also spent a lot of time in the mountains hunting elk. He does great on trails, steep climbs, and will safely cross any kind of water. Currently in Arizona heading and heeling steers in the arena. I've also had a chance to pickup a few bucking horses on him and of course, he went right to it, like everything new I've shown him. When you have to knock the snow and ice off one's back early in the morning and saddle up to go do a job, you can trust him to NOT buck you off and he'll be sure footed on the ice. Hank is the Swiss army knife of horses and will excel at anything you choose to do with him. I've really enjoyed this horse and I know his new owner will as well. I encourage anyone with any questions to give me a call or to setup a time to come and try him. Call me @406 698 3246 or go www.parkerequine.com or checkout our page on FB or Instagram at Parkerequine for the latest videos of "HANK".
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