Frostys Last Straw- "Bugs"

HIP #05

Kody Walter & Cody Wheeler

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On Scale of 1-10 = 2
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Sex: Mare
Color: Buckskin
Height: 14.3
Weight: 1150
Registration Status: AQHA
Registration Number: 5678438
Date of Birth: April 14, 2015
Age in Years (Grade):
VIDEO | Frostys Last Straw- "Bugs"

DESCRIPTION | Frostys Last Straw- "Bugs"
“Bugs” is absolutely one of the nicest horses we’ve ever rode or offered. She has a resume that a lot of cowboys would only dream of and it is HARD to find one this seasoned and reliable at Bugs’ age. Bug’s strongest point is that she is extremely talented on cattle with a fancy handle; she absolutely loves to cut, sort, rope, and work. We have used this stunning mare on different outfits and cow camps for several years, and because of this she is hobble broke, stands tied anywhere, and has no issues being hauled. She has spent numerous winters in the feedlot and there aren’t many as sure footed as Bugs in rough or slick places, she will absolutely take care of her rider anywhere you point her. Bugs has drug tons of calves to the fire, and drug almost as many cattle into the trailer. There’s no job on the ranch she hasn’t done from calving, spring and fall works, starting colts, trailing cows up busy highways— she is also fantastic to catch wild cattle on because there is nothing that can outrun or out dodge this catty mare. On that note, Bugs has been our main ranch rodeo horse for 4 years and she craves to show off in the big city lights as she’s also been shown in Ranch Horse Versatility. Bugs is very well started heading/heeling and she will be roped on all winter. Rock solid and never spooks at anything in town or on the ranch. When she was only 4 years old Bugs took care of a very green young girl in the mountains. If you can climb on, you can ride this mare. We started her when she was 2 so we know her entire riding career. Bugs is the exact same horse whether she’s rode everyday, once a week, or not for 6 months. She is soft and responsive to every cue, with full control at any speed. Bugs will get collected and has a very fancy stop, turnaround, back up, and lead changes. There are no quirks or issues with Bugs and she’s bound to steal the show wherever you take her. Bugs is SOUND with a current vet check and X-Rays.
BLEMISHES | Frostys Last Straw- "Bugs"
She has a few old saddle and cinch marks
PEDIGREE | Frostys Last Straw- "Bugs"
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