DE Scott L7

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Shane Christian

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Sex: Male
Color: Tri
Registration Organization: Border Collie
Registration Number: 464261
Date of Birth: March 18, 2018
Age in Years (Grade):
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For Sale:
Scott, a trained registered border collie who is talented, very athletic, alert, with strong natural instincts to herd animals. He is a good all-around dog suitable for ranch work as well as competitions. He is obedient and responds well to voice and whistle commands. He has good experience on ranches herding large drives and bringing in strays. He has herded both cattle and sheep and has been working with other dogs and understands his position with teamwork. He has competed in a few dog trials, is not intimidated by crowds, and has placed. He has a good disposition and has shown adaptability by being in multiple settings as well as being placed on a friend's ranch last summer. He also did well with the family and likes affection as shared below by the family he was with last summer.
“Scott is a very friendly and loving dog. He is very athletic and will do anything for kids when they play ball, including jumping through windows after balls and bringing it back to the kids. He is very respectful of a 5-year-old little girl who drags him around the ranch on a line, always staying right by her side. He is a people pleasing dog, quiet, and very well mannered, as he stays close to your side when out and about off a line. He is respectful of his person, and you do not have to raise your voice to get him to listen”.
I have owned Scott since he was 10 weeks old and he is a young 5-year-old, 24th March of 2023. For more information contact Shane Christian at 307.709.9000 Or 785.657.7559. Videos show Scott being worked by different handlers.
Scott has and is of a bloodline that carries heritage of early muzzle graying. Neutered.
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