Christian, Shane
Christian, Shane

I'm proud of my agricultural heritage and have been involved in the ranching, farming and livestock industry all my life. I'm celebrating my 30th year with Superior Livestock Auction where I have served and built long lasting customer relationships across Wyoming and Colorado as well as other areas. I understand well livestock markets, shipping logistics

and the value of taking into consideration customer, buyer and trucking operator relationships. I've also owned and operated ranches in Wyoming and Colorado and currently have one in Kansas.

I enjoy watching, and working with animals. Often, I study their habits and how they naturally want to act and move which is particularly important with herding animals. Having this knowledge helped me to compete in cutting horse, rein cow horse, ranch horse, cattledog rodear competitions and training. A life time gathering and moving cattle on different places helping my family, friends and customers; oh yes at times feedlots and salebarn. I'm always learning and continue to apply this knowledge and insights with raising, training and competing, with my registered border collies.  

I'm proud of my sons and their endeavors in life and enjoy visiting with anyone to learn new things and always happy to share my testimony.

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Shane Christian

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