Jones, Jake
Jones, Jake

I'm a full time farrier along with running small cow calf operation.

I help to look after a 90 section ranch in Loving County, TX along with day work at local ranches throughout West Texas, The Panhandle and as farSouth as Langtry, TX on the Rio Grande.

We buy green horses, young horses, and colts to use throughout the year as means to take care of our cattle along with helping neighbors when needed.

Once we feel we have a horse that is useable and safe for the basic public ,we offer them for sale as part of our Ranching business. It’s been our experience to try an make every avenue of our cow calf operation more profitable/not go broke, it is a must to offer the horses we have seasoned or trained for the past year for sale to the public.

With all jokes aside it is genuinely our pleasure to train/season these horses over the year or even years in some cases , to be able to see them go on to good families for a forever home.

The greatest compliment I receive is when someone relays a story to me of how someone wanted to buy a horse that they had purchased from me, for the new owners to answer the inquiry with, “they aren't for sale”!

To make a horse that brings someone that much joy makes it all worth it!

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